Welcome to The Tamar District Association website and our photos gallery page.  You can access our photo galleries below.

Each image group below represents a photo gallery of further photos for a specific weekend meet or special event for each year.  Simply hover over each photo to see the description of each gallery.  Click on each gallery to open and view the gallery photos for that event.  Use the gallery photo pop-up window controls (play, back and forward) to scroll through each photo.  You can close the photo gallery viewer by clicking the ‘<< back to album’ link above each gallery.

If you have any question, please use the ‘Contact Us’ page available on the menu above.  We hope you enjoy using our site…

2020 Photos

2019 Photos

2018 Photos

2017 Photos

2014 Photos

2013 Photos

2012 Photos

2011 Photos

2010 Photos

2009 Photos

2008 Photos

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