A tribute to the Committee.

I now have a different regard for Tamar DA Committee members. From being a ‘complaining camper’ to a second year committee member, this is why I have changed my mind.

Truly, the committee does run our DA! Although the camping members are the lifeblood of the Camping and Caravanning Club, and the club is bigger than any DA! However our present committee are the ‘caretakers’ and they are taking very good care of our DA! As did all past committees and chairman, as will future committees.

Time to add personal appreciation to some very dedicated present caretakers. Like a jury, 12 people honest and true, but remember we are campers too!!

Tamar DA is the best DA and long may it remain that, good luck to the future ‘caretakers’.

TDA Member, 1998

The 46th Tamar District Association Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday 4 March 2023 at South Hill Village Hall, Callington, PL17 7ND.

Notices of motions and nominations for committee must be sent to Hon Sec by Friday 20th January 2023.

As for the 45th AGM the DA will not be providing printed copies of the papers for this years AGM, unless requested. AGM papers will be made available electronically and emailed to members prior to the meeting. If would like a copy of the AGM papers emailed to you, please email Papers will be emailed to members 10 days prior to the AGM.