History of Tamar DA

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History of Tamar DA

Initial discussions around the formation of ‘Tamar DA’ took place during the summer of 1975, at which time members where part of either Devon or Cornwall DA’s.  At the June 1976 Regional Council Meeting, formal request was submitted to Head Quarters regarding the formation of a new DA within the Region, and a steering committee was formed.

On the 23rd of October 1976, a formation meeting was held, chaired by the Regional Chairman, Eric Stride. During this meeting the DA name was agreed along with the boundaries of the DA and the inaugural committee.

Eric Stride reflected on that meeting as part of Tamar DA’s 21st Birthday celebrations; A very lively debate followed in which many members participated. After a very full discussion, I produced a large map on which I drew compromise boundaries and after further discussions, John Castro proposed and Ray Pellow seconded, that my suggested compromise boundaries be accepted.”

These proposals were accepted by the SW Regional Council at the meeting on the 27th of November 1976 and forwarded to National Council for their endorsement in January 1977.

The first meet was held at Easter on a site outside Modbury. The inaugural meet was held at Sydenham Farm, Lewdown over the May Bank Holiday weekend (29 April – 2 May 1977).

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Easter Meet 1977
Easter Meet 1977 – J Casto
SWR Summer Meet