Tamar DA Weekend Camper of the Year Award

The Weekend Camper of the Year was first awarded for the 1999 season. The inaugural winners where Charlie & Ethel Whincop, with 44 qualifying nights.


  1. The year will start on January 1st and end of December 31st for the year under consideration
  2. The award will be based on a points system for nights camped as defined below and will be awarded to the members with the most points in the year.
  3. The award is limited to members of Tamar DA only.
  4. Points will only be awarded for each qualifying meet weekend night camped, normally Friday night and Saturday night. On Bank Holidays, Sunday night camping will also qualify as will Thursday night camping at the Easter Meet.
  5. Qualifying meets are limited to Tamar DA, South West Region and National Feast of Lantern weekends when official open. Nights on site leading up to the official opening e.g. working party, will not be qualifying nights.
  6. Tamar DA Temporary Holiday Sites weekends only count where there is no alternative Tamar DA meet available. Weekdays are not counted.
  7. Tamar DA Temporary Holiday Site stewards on site will count even when it coincides with an alternative DA weekend meet. Weekdays do not count towards qualifying nights.
  8. When a Regional Councillor/Representatives, Youth Leader or PRO is camping on official DA business that stops them from camping with Tamar DA then their weekend nights will count. Visiting other DA’s does not constitute official business.  Any other visits by Tamar DA members not covered by the above will be at the discretion of a resolution in committee.
  9. Extra points will be awarded for attending the AGM and Members Meeting (one point for each) even if the members are not camping.
  10. There will be no points awarded for any booked meets with limited numbers e.g. the New Years Meet, where members may not be able to camp due to lack of space.
  11. The record of attendance will be maintained by the Treasurer from the sites register. It is the responsibility of the member qualifying for points under rule 8 above to notify the Treasurer in writing as soon as possible after the event in order to have the points recorded.
  12. A record card will be issued to enable the members to have their own record of meets attended and points awarded. It is the individual’s responsibility to ensure their record card is stamped at the meet. No retrospective stamping is allowed. In any dispute the treasurers record will be the one on which the committee will award the trophy.
  13. In the event of a tie the award will be shared.
  14. The record card will be stamped for each night camped by the meet steward normally when collecting site fees. The stamp will be kept in the steward’s bag. Each stamping will equate one point.
  15. In all matters concerning this award, the decisions of the Tamar DA full committee as at 31st December for the year in question are final.