More coronavirus information

The following has been received from HQ and as you can see all Meets and THS starting in July have been cancelled. Similarly the 2021 NFOL replacement ‘Club Festival 2021’ has also been cancelled.

I have also included the notice from our facebook page with further information with particular reference to THS bookings and deposits paid, please ensure you scroll down to read this.

The Club, and Greenfields House, is still effectively closed and will remain so through June, although we are hopeful of being able to open our UK Club Sites in early July, subject to government guidelines, and being safe to do so.

The Executive Committee have recently discussed the viability of delivering the ‘Club Festival 2021’, the event planned to replace the NFOL.

It is with a ‘heavy heart’ the decision has been taken that it would not be appropriate, or achievable, to launch this new event in 2021, for the following reasons:

Despite the NFOL Sub-Committee’s best efforts there has been very little progress made since the February National Council meeting. It was only 5 weeks later that we were in lockdown, with staff working from home or placed on furlough leave.

The NFOL Sub Committee will not be in a position to bring a detailed proposal to the September National Council meeting. The plans are currently behind schedule and there will continue to be further slippage until normal business resumes later in the year.

Many staff are still on furlough leave, and unlikely to return to work in the near future.

The new event does carry a significant financial risk. The Executive Committee do not feel it is the right time to be taking any financial risk on ‘non-essential’ elements of the operation.

When introducing a new event, the launch is crucial in terms of its long-term success. With the tight timeframe, reduced resource and the current financial climate it is unlikely this could be achieved.

There is a chance that gatherings like this will still not be allowed under continued social distancing guidelines.

The Executive Committee are aware that this will no doubt cause disappointment but do feel this is the appropriate and responsible decision to take at this time.

The decision has also been taken to cancel all Meets and Temporary Holiday Sites with a start date in July. This will be actioned by the Exempted Camping team.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely, and issue new guidance as and when required.

In the meantime, please keep safe

2019 Charity Thank you Letter

Tina Williams our 2019 Charity Officer has received a thank you letter from the Calvert Trust as shown below. They were obviously very grateful for all the effort that Tina and her band of helpers and the generosity of our members had put in to raise such a wonderful sum of money. Well done Tina

Coronavirus further update

Following further advice from Headquarters. Tamar DA have now cancelled all meets with a start date in June as well as those in April and May. This will now include Trelay, Trevarrian, Trevornick and Parkers Farm. Please keep looking on our website and Facebook for further information as and when it becomes available.

Please stay safe, hopefully we will get back out in the field soon.