CCC: Sites Team Vacancies

Message From Head Office:
You may be aware of the challenges organisations in our sector are facing in relation to staff shortages this year. Despite our very best efforts to recruit and retain staff to work across our Club Sites network, we are currently under resourced, particularly due to the very high level of demand we are experiencing this season.
We are looking for people to join our site teams (on short term contracts). The work is not glamourous, and involves lots of cleaning – to ensure our campers enjoy ‘sparkling’ facilities – but may be just what someone is looking for

Find out more at

Tamar DA website address

There have been some problems with the Tamar DA Website being shown as being unsafe. We now have a new URL and if you use this it should now appear as safe.

The new URL is https// and if you enter this in a search window there should not be any further problems. 😃

Tamar DA Meets booking

Booking for all our weekend meets is now open. Advance booking essential. Email or text 07857039417. A list of all our meets are on this page, in the Chatter or on the CCC out and about app.

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