THS and Meets update

Please see below latest information from Club HQ in regard of Club sites, Meets and THS

To: All Region, Section, DA & Section Area Secretaries Cc: National Councillors

Dear Secretary

Further to our letter to you on 10 June, we are now in a position to provide you with an update.

We have stated in previous communications that we would give the green light to operate Meets and THSs as soon as we are legally permitted to open, and when it is safe to do so. Our priority has always been, and remains, the safety of our members, and the safety of our staff and volunteers who operate campsites.

In the Prime Ministers announcement on Tuesday, we received the exciting news that from 4 July, in England, we would be able to open our campsites, as part of the next phase of the easing of the lockdown.

We are still awaiting detailed guidelines from the government, but we have been drawing up guidelines and amending our operational procedures – in conjunction with industry colleagues – and expect to be fully prepared to be able to accommodate the detailed government guidelines that are due out very shortly.

In our last letter we stated we hoped we would be able to welcome our members back to Meets and THSs from 1 August. This now looks possible, although we will need to significantly change the way we operate.

We will share the detailed government guidelines with you as soon as they are available, and we will be issuing Club operational guidelines to you in the next couple of weeks.

The above links take you to current guidance about gatherings, issued by the government. Some of the key statements are shown below:

“From 4 July, when you are outside you can continue to meet in groups of up to six people from different households, following social distancing guidelines”

“From 4 July, it will be against the law to gather in groups larger than 30 people, except for a limited set of circumstances to be set out in law”

“From 4 July, it will be against the law to gather in groups larger than 30 people, except for a limited set of circumstances to be set out in law”

This indicates that Meets and THSs will need to be operated as ‘campsites’, not ‘social gatherings’. This does require us to adapt the way we operate and manage Meets and THSs, and we will provide operational guidelines to ensure we achieve this. This is a positive step, but we can’t stress enough that Meets and THSs will not be able to operate in the way they did pre Covid 19.

So for now, please do start to make plans for 1 August onwards, bearing in mind the above, and we will provide you with additional details in due course.

Yours sincerely

Bob Talbot, Club Chairman

Sabina Voysey, Director General

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