2020 Charity

At the AGM a new Charity for 2020 was proposed and accepted by an overwhelming majority. The charity was proposed by Steve Bickford who subsequently agreed to our new Charity officer, thanks Steve.

The chosen Charity is ‘Devon and Cornwall Food Action’. I have borrowed a section from their website www.devonandcornwallfoodaction.org.uk to give you an idea of who they are and what they do.

Welcome to the Devon and Cornwall Food Action (DCFA) website. Please take a little time to find out about us and what we do and why we exist.

We are a registered charity, striving to eradicate food poverty in Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall. It is an unfortunate fact that food poverty exists within the shores of the United Kingdom. There are many reasons as to why this happens and we delve into some of the issues within the website, so please take a look at the Why Are We Doing It page.

We are run almost entirely by a brilliant volunteer workforce and are constantly on the hunt to expand the team, so please check out our Volunteering at DCFA page for more information. If you could give us some of your time, even as little as 4 hours per week, then get in touch to tell us about your unique skillset and how you’d like to become one of the team…we’d love to hear from you.

DCFA is not a foodbank. We work with food producers and supermarkets to redistribute surplus food to those in need. We supply a number of services, community organisations and groups. Through their various means testing schemes produce is distributed to those that have been identified as being in desperate need to feed themselves and their families.

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