2017 Committee- Tamar District Association

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2017 Committee

Contact details for your 2017 elected committee members can be found below. For additional contact information, consult your Website or Camping Chatter.

Your 2016 outgoing Committee Members details can be found via the menu systems.

Role Name Tel Email
Chair / Executive Committee Member Carole Burdett 01752 343148 burdettcarole@hotmail.co.uk
Vice Chair / THS Secretary / Executive Committee Member Linda Hall 01752 361166 lin.phil@blueyonder.co.uk
Treasurer / Executive Committee Member Julie Weeks 01752 815340 tamardatreasurer@gmail.com
Secretary / Executive Committee Member Carolyn Hunt 01752 813499 secretary@tamarda.co.uk
Deputy Appointed Councillor to Region / PRO Christine Williams 01752 299820 cmwilliams1@yahoo.co.uk
Social Secretary James Reader 01752 363570 jamesreader75@googlemail.com
Youth Leader / Executive Committee Member Lee Williams 01752 962451 tamarccyleaders@gmail.com
Sites Officer / Youth Leader Lesley-Ann Lupton 01752 962451 tamarccyleaders@gmail.com
Charity Officer Tina Williams 01752 216863 slowtotise@hotmail.com
Catering Officer Melanie Wilcocks 07984545403 melaniewilcocks@hotmail.co.uk
Webmaster Non Committee Position Mark Hunt 01752 813499 webmaster@tamarda.co.uk
Chatter Editor Non Committee Position Mike Weeks 01752 815340 chatter@tamarda.co.uk
Equipment Officer Non Committee Position Colin Burdett 01752 343148 burdettcarole@hotmail.co.uk
Assistant Youth Leader / Auditor Non Committee Position Julie Martin 01752813420 athemartinclan@aol.com
Assistant Youth Leader Non Committee Position Andy Martin 01752813420 athemartinclan@aol.com
Auditor Non Committee Position Karl Field 07788237752 karlos.field@gmail.com
CCJ Leader Non Committee Position Lisa Reader 01752 363570 lmhjdr1@hotmail.com