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33rd Annual Birthday Meet at Wooda

04 May Posted by in Weekend Meets | Comments
33rd Annual Birthday Meet at Wooda

Tamar’s 33rd Birthday was held at Wooda Farm Park and what a weekend it was.

The weather apart from a short heavy shower on the Saturday evening was sunny if a bit windy at times.  The Saturday walk, led by our vice chairman was very well attended with a wide range of ages taking part, was it the promise of a pub lunch at the end I wonder?

The Saturday evening entertainment in the Sports Barn was very very good with Gerri, a female vocalist, performing a wide range of songs to a extremely high standard.

The games and the Pixy Hunt took place on Sunday and a fun time was had by all in spite of the lazy wind which had no intentions of going around anyone.  A closely contested Boules competition on challenging courses saw Ian Howe and Colin Burdett coming out as eventual winners.

If there were any intentions of losing weight over the weekend then the birthday tea celebrating the 33rd Anniversary of the founding of Tamar DA, was not the place to be with plentiful supplies of delicious cakes to eat.  The adults set the youth a Henderson Challenge that involved doughnuts, lip licking and speed, the youth won but as can be seen from the photos if it had been a Gurning competition the adults would have won hands down.  The evening entertainment, Arooga Disco, was slow to start but once underway, probably helped by liquid refreshment, was up to Tamar’s usual standard.

The closing ceremony was preceded with another Henderson Challenge with this time the youth setting the challenge of getting a penny coin across the dance floor using only the nose, showing superior skills the youth won again.

What a lovely bunch of people Tamar DA are.  It was really good to so many first timers attending what has always been a very important event to the DA.

Check out the photos selection here….

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