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Welcome To Your New Look Website!

13 Jul Posted by in General News | 4 comments
Welcome To Your New Look Website!
Welcome to your new look Tamar District Association website.  We hope you like it!

Your Tamar DA website has a new look and feel, as well as a new navigation menu and layout.  Don’t panic….below you can find key information explaning the changes as well as some handy tips and pointers to help you get started.  Have fun!!!

What’s New?
  • »  A new and fresher theme and format
  • »  A new date/time based news updates (posts) with commenting
  • »  A new photo gallery system with improved speed plus photo slideshows
  • »  A new search function including the ability to search by news categories
  • »  A new ‘polls’ system so we can seek better feedback from you our members
  • »  A new file downloads function (so you can access booking forms and programmes easier)
How do I access information?

To see individual pages, simply click on one of the menu buttons at the top of the page….


To see individual news items (posts), simply click on the post title or the photo image for each specific post.  An alternative, is to click the ‘More’ icon….


To contact us, go to the ‘Contact Us’ page, enter your contact details as requested and hit ‘Send’.  We will respond ASAP.  Use this for any general questions you have of your DA, the Committee or ideas for your DA website….


To see news items (posts) that relate to a particular category, simply click on the category menu items at the top of the page, ‘General News’, ‘Social Events’ etc….


To see news items (posts) that have particular keywords, use the ‘Tags’ function.  Against post there is a ‘Tag’.  These can be found at the bottom of every post.  You can also see the ‘Tags’ in the ‘Tag Cloud’ found in the left hand sidebar.  The ‘Tag Cloud’ is an easy way to quickly access posts using keywords.  The larger the ‘Tag’ name, the more often it is used….



To add comments to any news item (post), simply enter your contact details after reading the specific post, and your comments will be added.  This is a great way to collaborate and discuss with other views and opinions on matters, ideas or information being posted on your website…..


To search for news items, simply enter the words you are looking to search for in the ‘Search’ box at the top of the page and hit ‘Search’.  Just like google….


To quickly access news items (posts), by date, select the drop-down list of ‘Archived News’ on the left sidebar.  Once you have selected a specific month, the page will refresh with posts from that month.  Easy….


There’s a lot more there….so why not jump in and have a play.  Enjoy!!!
  1. hazel and ian howe07-19-09

    wow! what a difference, it certainly looks informative, bright and interactive. Many thanks for all the hard work Mark,

  2. Webmaster07-19-09

    I’m glad you like it guys….

  3. Paul Wilmot12-29-09

    Excellent website! Looking for THS in August and found your website from Out & About reference. This is the best DA site I’ve seen by a long way – great to see, well done!

    • Webmaster01-03-10

      Glad you like the site Paul. Hope to see you at some point at one of our meets. Mark.

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